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TOAD VENOM FOR SALE | Kassina Senegalensis Toad Venom


Kassina Senegalensis Toad Venom For Sale 

Toad venom for sale. Bufo Bufo Toad Venom For Sale. True toads are widespread and occur natively on every continent except Australia and Antarctica, inhabiting a variety of environments, from arid areas to rainforest. Most lay eggs in paired strings that hatch into tadpoles, although, in the genus Nectophrynoides the eggs hatch directly into miniature toads.

The parotoid glands on the back of their heads contain an alkaloid poison which the toads excrete when stressed. The poison in the glands contains a number of toxins causing different effects. Bufotoxin is a general term. Different animals contain significantly different substances and proportions of substances. Some, like the cane toad Bufo marinus, are more toxic than others.

The Colorado River toad can grow to about 7.5 inches (190 mm) long and is the largest toad in the United States apart from the non-native cane toad (Rhinella marina). It has a smooth, leathery skin and is olive green or mottled brown in colour. Just behind the large golden eye with horizontal pupil is a bulging kidney-shaped parotoid gland. Below this is a large circular pale green area which is the tympanum or ear drum. By the corner of the mouth there is a white wart and there are white glands on the legs.  All these glands produce toxic secretions.

Bubbling Kassina Toad Venom

Here at Kassina Senegalensis Toad Venom For Sale, Upon reduction of the disulfide bond both molecular mass and retention time of a peptide are altered. Assembling the LC-MS data by plotting the m/z data against retention time generates a peptide display and overlaying peptide displays of untreated and DTT-reduced material yields a differential display. From such an overlay, peptides originally carrying a disulfide bond are recognized due to the shift in both retention time and m/z values, whereas non cystine containing peptides remain unaltered in the differential display. The success of this approach is demonstrated by the visualization of the cystines-containing peptides in the skin secretion of Odorrana schmackeri, Phyllomedusa burmeisteri, Phyllomedusa rohdei, Kassina senegalensis, and Bombina variegata. The venoms from these different species yield complicated differential displays, showing interesting peptides, allowing one to target them for more detailed structural characterization.

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